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Here are photos and videos (etc.) capturing the events that shape our activity: grape harvests, distilling, new rules or our new products…
The  05/11/04: The 2004 distillation : fineness and abundance 1min30
The distillation is the birth of an eaux-de-vie. It transforms the wine, concentrating the alcohol and the aromas to produce a young eaux-de-vie where the limpidity is such that it is often called crystal-clear
The  01/11/04: Silver Medal for the VSOP
The Armagnacs of Adex-Masion de l'Armagnac are again rewarded at the 2004 International Spirits Challenge
The  01/08/04: Tourism : JAZZ in MARCIAC
Two concerts a night to be held in a big top, quality matters more than quantity.
The  29/07/04: Tourism : 2004 TEMPO LATINO in Vic-Fezensac
Allow yourself to travel, come to Gascony and wake up in Havana.
The  09/07/04: Tourism : Festival of Country Music in Mirande
For a few days in July, Mirande, in Gascony (South-West France), tranforms itself into an American town.
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